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Interview questions to get the right manager

interview questions to get the right manager

Interview questions to get the right manager

Have you had some bad managers that is affecting your career in the wrong way? If the interviewer is your potential manager. Here are some crucial questions to ask your potentially new manager.

1. How would you describe the team culture?

The team culture are crucial for you to know wheater you will like to work in the team or not. How people communicate, work together, how people get along both inside and outside the office and how is your potential manager involved in that culture.

2. How would you describe an ideal employee?

Whaterver the answer is, make sure that you genuinely feel that this matches you. Otherwise, the job probably doesn’t matches your criterias.

3. How do you like to give constructive criticism?

Everybody needs constructive criticism to be able to learn and improve. Make sure it’s constructive critisism and not just only criticism.

4. What’s the process for reviewing and evaluating Employees?

Related to the one above. Is there a proper and regular employee review cycle in place? How often is the evalutation taking place? How is the evalutation helping the employees to reach their career goals?

5. How long have you been manager for the team?

Search for answers how long the manager have managed the team. If there has been high turnovers of managers, what are the reasons?

6. How long has the current team been in place?

Search for answer for of any signs of high turnover or conflicts. Were there legitimate reasons of high turnover? Has there been any confllicts?

7. How would you describe your management style?

It’s important to have self-awareness and know your pros and cons as a manager. Ask specific questions on how he or she reacts  when a postive or negative thing occurs.

8. What values do you want the team to have?

Values are probably one of the most imortant and crucial parameter in order to have rigght and satiesfies employees. Ask the manager what values are important. Why are they important?

9. How does celebrate success?

Try to get a sense of how they value work-life balance and how they acknowledge team’s accomplishments.

10. What’s the management style like?

First, ask yourself what management style you prefer. Does the managment style correlate to the values described above?

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